Bucket Elevators

bucket-elevator-blueprintA bucket elevator is a very economical way to elevate material, in both large and small quantities. There are several types and styles of bucket elevators. The selection of type and style depends on the material to be conveyed, its qualities and characteristics, the desired capacity and amount of lift.

The selection of the type and style of bucket elevator is all based on the material that is being conveyed, its handling characteristics and the desired condition of the material when discharged. The desired height of the lift and bulk density of the material must also be considered.

The material that is being conveyed and the service that the elevator will see will determine selection of materials of construction for the elevator.

The different types are:

  • centrifugal discharge
  • continuous discharge
  • positive discharge

The different styles are:

  • buckets on belt
  • buckets on chain
  • screw boot take up
  • head shaft take up
  • gravity boot take up
  • counter weight boot take up
  • inclined bucket elevator
  • super capacity

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Stainless Steel Bucket Elevator Moving Oxone Powder
Bucket Elevator