Screw Selection

There are many reasons & applications which require variation to standard screw conveyors. These are just some of the factors & conditions that will influence the design & construction of a screw conveyor:

  • What material will you be conveying?
  • What are the material characteristics?
  • What is the bulk density of the material?
  • What through put capacity is the screw to be designed for and at what housing loading?
  • Where will the material be coming from?
  • Is the screw to be a feeder or a conveyor?
  • Is the screw horizontal, incline or vertical?
  • Is the screw reversing?
  • How long will the screw be, centerline of the inlet to the centerline of the discharge?
  • Are intermediate hanger bearings for the screw acceptable?
  • Housing construction information:
    • Material of construction
    • Dust tight construction
    • Pressure tight construction (i.e. Will the housing have to hold pressure)
    • Will the housing require a "code stamp"?
    • Will the equipment be in wash down service?
    • Hinged covers?
    • Tubular or "u" trough housing?
    • Type of shaft seals
    • Food grade polish
    • Welding requirements
    • How is the housing supported, etc.
  • What is the inlet size that we are connecting to and how many inlets are there?
  • What is the discharge size that we are to connect to?
  • Is the discharge a drop out, injector style or positive feed?
  • Is there more than one discharge called out, and do they have slide gates?
  • What style are the slide gates and how are they operated?
  • Is the screw service continuos, 8 hr a day, 24 hr a day, batching, intermittent etc.?
  • If there is more than one screw to a housing, how many drives?
  • Is the screw to be portable?
  • Will the screw be required to dewater or drain product?
  • Will the screw be required to mix product while conveying?
  • Will the product be abrasive?
  • What material of construction in product contact?
  • What type of welding in product contact?
  • What finish or polish is required in product contact?

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Screw Selection
Screw Selection
Screw Selection