Drag Conveyors

drag-conveyor-smallA drag conveyor is a good way to move material in one direction when a change in elevation is desired. It can also be used as a metering device if the inlet of the drag has a strike off as the material leaves the inlet. The style of chain and flight for the drag conveyor is determined by what material the drag is moving and whether there will be a change in elevation.

Drag conveyors can also be part of a quench or settling tank. The drag in applications like this will slowly drag material across the bottom of the tank, up one side and out of the tank.

One of the benefits of drag conveyors is that they can handle an extreme range in material particle size, from ash finds to large clinkers. They can also be designed to handle very abrasive material.

The design of the drag conveyor will depend on:

  • What the conveyor is to handle
  • What the average particle size will be
  • What the expected t.p.h. will be
  • How the drag conveyor will be loaded
  • At what elevation the drag conveyor will discharge
  • What is the horizontal distance from center of inlet to center of discharge, etc.

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Drag Conveyor Moving Boiler Ash
Drag Conveyor Moving Hot Ash